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Home-maker Mattress

  • ₹ 9,044 (Inclusive GST)
  • Comfort with Support
  • Helps maintain body posture while sleeping
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best Suitable Mattress for Home Makers

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Product Description

Women and men differ when it comes to their sleeping experiences. The National Sleep Federation reports that, in general, women are more likely to have trouble falling and staying asleep compared with men. Factors unique to women may affect quality of sleep, too. This can include need for more sleep during pregnancy or feeling too hot during the menopause etc.

We've created this special mattress to help support these additional needs. This mattress with the right composition of memory foam, HD foam and HR foam put you to sleep instantly and provides the perfect support and comfort, relieving your from the  physical stress!

No. of Layers 3
Thickness 6"
Firmness (Rate out of 10) 6
Memory Foam Yes
Heat Absorption Yes
Anti Allergic Yes
Anti Fungal Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Cover Yes
Dust Proof Yes
Warranty 5 Years