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Design Philosophy

You spend one third of your day sleeping, more time than you spend on any activity you do in the course of the day – almost 30% of your life. A good sleep is the key to start your day right. It helps you feel fresh, active and energetic throughout the day. You may not necessarily get a full night’s sleep, but a good quality sleep can still make you refreshed and relaxed.

Every individual’s daily routine is different! Their health conditions are different! Their level of activity and stress are also different. Some travel a lot while others sit at a desk for a very long time. Some have a very active lifestyle while others have a fairly relaxed one. Mattresses as any other thing, should suit your daily routine as well.

The most important things in any mattress is the comfort it provides, how well it supports your body, the temperature it maintains and it’s durability. Most importantly it should be made to suit your daily routine.

Over the years of experience of interacting with thousands of customers, we have created different customer profiles based on their age, daily routine & health issues. Based on all these factors we have designed mattresses with different foam types and combinations to suit these customer profiles. Because How can one Mattress suit all?

Here is a quick comparison -

Features Athlete Mattress Student Mattress Young Couple Mattress Home-maker Mattress Working Professional Mattress Senior Citizen Mattress
No. of Layers 4 2 3 3 3 3
Firmness (Rate out of 10) 7 4 5 6 5 8
Memory Foam Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heat Absorption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes